Self Consumption

Move the slider below to simulate the amount (%) of electricity you may use during the day. Your results and savings will alter accordingly. Greater self-consumption of electricty as it is generated during the day = greater savings.


Low home energy use during the day means more is exported, lengthening your the time to pay off your system

Your Results


Savings First Year


Years To Pay Off


Total System Cost


Cost To Produce Electricity (c/kwh or unit)




Cost To Buy Electricity (c/kwh or unit)


How did we arrive at these results

Why Solar?

People choose solar for many reasons:

  • energy freedom and independence from the electricity industry
  • some love energy democratisation
  • to save money
  • to cap power bills into the future
  • to lower their carbon footprint
  • some are against non-renewable generation and want to do their bit
  • some don’t want more hydro dams or geothermal plants built given their negative impacts
  • some really like the idea of generating their own electricity from a free resource.

These are all valid reasons, and only you know the true value of this investment. What is that reason worth to you?

The results above provide an indication of the financial perspective you can anticipate from investment in solar. These are an estimate only to help you understand the potential savings and benefits of using solar, self-consumption and use of associated technologies – batteries, home energy management systems and electric vehicles.