The Price You Pay For Electricity

If you have your electricity bill then enter your daytime electricity price (cents/unit or cents/kWh) If not then leave the default which is the average cost for your region

The Amount You Sell Electricity For

If you know the price you can sell electricity to your retailer (your export rate) enter it here (cents/unit or cents/kWh) If you don’t know leave the default rate which is the national average price

Installing The Right Size Solar System

The size of the solar system (measured in kWp) you install should be determined by two factors:

  1. The size of your household/premises
  2. The percentage of electricity generated that you can consume

Select the best description of your household electricity consumption. Or if you have your power bill you can compare your daily power consumption to one of the following selections (remembering that using your power bill as a measurement does not allow for optimising self-consumption)

  • Low Energy Consumption: 1-3 people using 10-15 kWh's/day
  • Average Energy Household: 3-5 people using 15-25 kWh's/day
  • High Energy Household: 4+ people using 25+ kWh's/day